The Promise of Us by Jamie Beck

4 Stars!

Release Date: April 9, 2019

Publisher: Montlake Romance


They couldn’t be more different…or more completely perfect for each other.

Claire McKenna knows about loss. The bullet wound that ended her promising professional tennis career drove her to make a quiet life for herself working with fabric samples, chatting with her book group, and spending time with her parents in her sleepy coastal Connecticut hometown. Then there was the boyfriend who dumped her to pursue her adventurous childhood friend. Now, Claire’s business has hit a financial snag, but she’s up to the challenge. After all, she can survive anything. At least she thinks so…until her teen crush, Logan, returns to town with his sister, Claire’s traitorous friend.

Photographer Logan Prescott is more playboy than homebody. But his sister’s illness teaches him that there’s more to life than chasing the next thrill. Bent on helping her win Claire’s forgiveness, he turns his charm on Claire and offers her big bucks to renovate his multimillion-dollar New York City condo.

After years of playing it safe, Claire must now take some risks. The payoff could be huge, but if it all falls apart, can her heart recover from another loss?


This story is about facing your fears, finding yourself, and the changing relationships in your life. This is a sweet romance story where the characters show a lot of growth. They’re really just trying to figure out who they are in the world. Claire is so strong, but also caged by her fears. She’s trying to navigate her friendship, or lack there of with Payton, and her attraction to Payton’s brother Logan. Logan is super caring and has the best intentions but you know what they say, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Logan seems way more put together, but he’s also trying to figure out himself throughout the story. It’s like both characters don’t even realize they need change to be happy. Overall, this was an easy and entertaining read!

Thanks to Montlake Romance and NetGalley for an eARC in exchange for an honest review!

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