Hard Luck by Sara Ney


Release Date: March 25, 2021

Unfortunately, I am not one of those girls. Not when I lost my apartment because my roommate let the lease lapse while I was traveling for work. Not when my brothers keep finding love and my mother keeps reminding me I’m still single. Not after a one-night stand during my older brother’s wedding has me waking up pregnant. I have to keep it a secret—from him, and my family. I sure can’t tell my brother his teammate, Mateo Jose Espinoza, is the man I slept with. Confident, funny, Mateo…
Just when I thought I’d found the girl of my dreams, she ghosts me. Worse? Her brother refuses to give me her number, and my calls to her office go straight to voicemail. I thought I was a catch; professional athlete, charming, raised with six sisters—I’m a guy who knows his way to a woman’s heart! What reason could she possibly have for avoiding me?When I finally catch up to True Wallace, I’m going to get the answer.

Hard Luck is Book 4 in the Trophy Boyfriends Series
and available in Kindle Unlimited!

REVIEW: Well, that was freaking adorable. Mateo is definitely a book boyfriend and I love him so much. He is the definition of SWOON. His sisters are hilarious too! Obviously we know the Wallace family already, they are quite a trip, and I’m not referring just to the brother (pun intended). They’re all a little over-the-top and ridiculous in the best way. I think the family dynamics really play into True’s actions in the beginning–which I wanted to shake her for. Luckily, as a story went on I just fell more in love with Mateo and his relentless pursuit of True. I really wanted them to get their happy ever after! Also, Molly is such a hilarious side character and has brought so much the last two stories of this series. Something that I enjoy about these books are all of the side characters and how much they add to each book. And as usual, Sara Ney has me laughing ridiculously hard over all the antics of these weirdo characters who I truly want to be friends with.

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sara ney

Sara Ney is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the How to Date a Douchebag series, and is best known for her sexy, laugh-out-loud New Adult romances. Among her favorite vices, she includes: iced latte’s, historical architecture and well-placed sarcasm. She lives colorfully, collects vintage books, art, loves flea markets, and fancies herself British.

The Bribe by Willa Nash


Release Date: October 15, 2020

SYNOPSIS: Duke Evans didn’t expect to interrupt a beautiful woman in a staring contest with a bison on his favorite hiking trail. He also didn’t expect to see her again after rescuing her from the surly beast. As the sheriff in Calamity, Montana, he’s had his fair share of surprises but none as pleasant as pulling over a shiny black car and finding his mysterious hiking companion behind the wheel. Only, she lied to Duke. She gave him a name as fake as her hair color. According to her driver’s license, her real name is Lucy Ross, the famous country music singer whose sudden disappearance has been a hot topic in the media over the past two weeks. He’s not sure why Lucy lied about her identity or why she’s in Calamity. And she’s not talking. Instead, she offers him a bribe to keep her secret. But Duke doesn’t want her money. He wants to know why this woman is on the run. And as long as the star shines on his badge, he’s going to find out.

The Bribe is Book 1 in the Calamity Montana Series
under Devney Perry’s KU pen name!

REVIEW: In true Devney Perry fashion, this small-town, romantic suspense sucked me right in and kept me totally invested until the very end! Not to mention all the side characters that I’m so excited to see get their own stories in the series. It’s always fun to have a feeling about who the next couple might be throughout the story. I’m so excited for this whole series!
I wasn’t exactly expecting the intsalove feeling from Devney Perry in this one, but I actually really enjoyed how it played out. I like how they run into each other somewhere else and then end up in the same town. Duke is just relentless, caring, and you just know that he’s gonna take care of her. He cares, not because he’s trying to control her, but because he feels a connection with her. He was just so supportive and that made me appreciate him as a male lead. Since he’s a cop and he is used to being in charge, I think Devney Perry did a wonderful job of straddling the line to make him the perfect amount of protective. Lucy was super sweet and just someone that I would want to be friends with. She’s completely loyal and down to earth despite her previous life. She was also very understanding of what Travis meant to Duke, and I thought that showed a lot about her as a person. I just really enjoyed these two together and I’m glad they found their HEA after all of the craziness.

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willa nash

Willa Nash is USA Today Bestselling Author Devney Perry’s alter ego, writing contemporary romance stories for Kindle Unlimited. Lover of Swedish Fish, hater of laundry, she lives in Washington State with her husband and two sons. She was born and raised in Montana and has a passion for writing books in the state she calls home. Connect with her on social media.

Second Chance at Us by Stacy Travis


Release Date: March 3, 2021

SYNOPSIS: In high school, I was the bubbly cheerleader and he was the quiet debate guy I didn’t even know existed. But Blake Fulton made me believe in love after just one day. Two weeks after my dad died, I was spiraling out of control and my friends had gone AWOL. Blake had never spoken to me before, but suddenly he was there. We ditched school, he bought me a burger, he made me laugh. And he kissed me better than any of those football guys ever did. Then he ghosted me and broke my heart. Fifteen years later, he’s back in my life. He wants to apologize and explain. He wants to prove he’s a better man now. All I want is to resist. But there’s something about him… the way his gorgeous gray eyes see me like I’m the only woman in the room, the way he ignites a fire that burns only for him, the way he knows what I need even before I do. I could fall for him all over again. I’ve never believed in second chances. Will he be the one to change my mind?

Second Chance At Us, an all-new enemies-to-lovers romance from Stacy Travis is available now! 

REVIEW: I am a big fan of second chance romances, but there always has to be a good reason for why the first time didn’t work out–which this one had, especially considering they were teenagers. I think what I liked about the story was getting to know Becca and Blake. From their losses in high school, to seeing how they’ve lived ever since, both of these characters have a lot of depth. I would say about 3/4 of the way through the story I definitely wanted them to have a happy ever after! In the beginning, there’s a lot of inner monologue, which kind of lost my interest after a while. The situation that Becca thinks Blake is in when they meet again, plus the inner monologue, just made me a little impatient to move it all along. It just felt really negative in the beginning. Luckily, it didn’t stay that way! The last third of the book was enjoyable and I appreciated the HEA.

Thank you to Social Butterfly PR and Stacy Travis for the eARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Stacy Travis

It’s a rough world out there, and we all sometimes need a good, romantic beach read, even if we can’t make it to the beach. I’ve spent many lazy days walking the streets of Paris and other gorgeous European cities, and if I’m doing it right, I’m bringing you a dash of romance and a vacay fantasy.  I can’t sit still, so when I’m not hiking, biking or running, I’m playing a very average game of tennis. Background music for writing undoubtedly features some U2, Lizzo, Billy Joel, Pink, Taylor Swift, and Led Zeppelin. Not necessarily in that order. And if I could only eat one food group, it would be cheese. Or wine. Or bread. Are those food groups? Whatever.

Connect with Stacy Travis

Facebook: https://bit.ly/2UbPlWv
Instagram: https://bit.ly/2xdBd62
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Website: https://stacytravis.com

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Slapshot by Rebecca Jenshak


Release Date: February 15, 2021

SYNOPSIS: I’m banished to Vermont for a scandal that wasn’t my fault, and broke because my famous father cut me off. And did I mention my roommate stole my boyfriend? Yeah, I’m loving my Moo U experience.  Now I need a job, because this gel manicure won’t upkeep itself. The only available option is the last one I’d ever want–a job as the hockey team’s equipment manager. My plan is to do the bare minimum, get paid, and find my way back into my father’s good graces.  I will not get involved with a hockey player, no matter how hot. They’re cocky. And obnoxious. I know their type, and I’m not willing to risk getting hurt again. Until Lex Vonne glides into my life looking like sin on a stick. 
He thinks I’m a spoiled brat. 
I think he’s using me to get ahead. 
But the fire I feel when we’re together is like a slapshot to my heart…

This is book 2 in the new Moo U series that takes place
in Sarina Bowen’s True North World!

REVIEW: Wow, talk about a damaged character! Kaitlyn has so many things to work through and I wasn’t expecting her to be such a mess throughout the book. The first scene with her friend Vivian and Lex pissed me right off, but also got me totally invested in seeing what happened. I needed to know what happened. Lex is pretty endearing through the whole story and I appreciated his drive and dedication. I also thought Kaitlyn‘s dad was ridiculously clueless, but in a pretty realistic way. The drama is definitely real in this one with the way Kaitlyn starts her year at Moo U. She has to listen to her ex and her roommate getting busy in the next room. She’s ridiculously resistant to Lex. Even the way she handled her ex when things got rough. This whole book was not what I thought it was going to be, because it got really deep. I enjoyed how the story came together, how the characters figured stuff out, and the hilarious ending! I love this world and I love Rebecca Jenshak’s writing. Plus, I got a new book boyfriend with Lex!

Thank you to Heart Eyes Press and Rebecca Jenshak for the eARC in exchange for an honest review!

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Rebecca Jenshak

Rebecca Jenshak is a new adult romance author. A Midwest native transplanted to the desert, she likes being outdoors (drinking on patios) and singing (in the shower) when she isn’t writing books about hot guys and the girls who love them.

Visit her website and learn more here!

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Blindsided by Victoria Denault


Release Date: February 15, 2021

SYNOPSIS: What if Romeo wore hockey skates, and Juliet was raised on a farm next door?
As a life-long Vermonter, there are three beliefs I’ve always held true:
1. Our family farm is everything
2. Hockey is a close second
3. The Todds next door are our sworn enemies

But this season will test everything I stand for.  I have an illicit side job that could cost me my hockey scholarship. And now Maggie Todd knows my secret. She’s waiting for the right moment to use it against me. But every time I face off against her, I learn things I shouldn’t want to know. Like how deeply her competitive streak runs, and how sexy that is. And how easy it is to make her blush… everywhere. An Adler and a Todd cannot be lovers. Breaking that rule is like pulling a pin on a grenade–everything in my life could blow up. Can we surrender to these feelings… or will our families’ feud make us its next casualty?

This is book 1 in the new Moo U series that takes place
in Sarina Bowen’s True North World!

REVIEW: I first discovered Victoria Denault from her San Francisco Thunder Series which I sincerely loved. I’ve also read almost every Sarina Bowen book including the True North series, which is the world where this book takes place. Obviously when I saw that Victoria Denault was writing in this world, I knew I had to have it. Were my expectations super high for this one? Yes! Did I completely and utterly hype this book up in my head? Yes, again. Did this book meet all of those expectations and all the hype? You better believe it!

This enemies-to-lovers, Romeo and Juliet type story hit the spot. I loved every moment, from seeing Magnolia and Tate interact as enemies in the beginning, as well as falling for each other throughout the story. While falling, they’re also questioning the family feud that started before they were even born. There are so many layers to what’s going on, because it’s not just them and their relationship. It’s college, their families, and the success of their farms. This book touches on what the next generation can bring when the older generation is willing to work with them. It touches on some really valid biases that people in the older generation can carry and how that impacts progress. I really enjoyed seeing Magnolia and her sister Daisy work together to figure out what they could do to help the farm that wasn’t doing so well. Overall, I just really love this book. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the other authors do with the other hockey players that were Tate’s friends in this world!

Thank you to Heart Eyes Press and Victoria Denault for the eARC in exchange for an honest review!

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Victoria Denault

Victoria’s love of books began at 12 when she picked up her first Sweet Valley High and grew from there. Her favorite childhood gift remains the 1930s typewriter her parents found at a garage sale which actually wasn’t a gift for her. It was meant to be a display piece in their front hall but Victoria snuck it into her bedroom and it was on that typewriter she first began pounding out her own stories.

When not writing books Victoria can usually be found on a beach somewhere. Her favorite beaches are La Concha in San Sebastian, Spain, Zuma Beach in Malibu California and Ocean Park, Maine.

Visit her website and learn more here!

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The Trouble with Wanting by Jillian Liota

This is Book 1
in the Cedar Point series!  


Release Date: July 20, 2020

SYNOPSIS: Ruby Roberts is heading to Cedar Point to connect with the father who left her behind. A handsome stranger on her cross-country flight isn’t what she’s expecting, but their relaxed smiles and easy conversation leaves free-spirited Ruby wanting something… more. Boyd Mitchell is flying home for some end-of-summer relaxation and time with his favorite people – his family. A talkative seat-mate that pulls him out of his carefully crafted shell is the last thing he wants, but he can’t seem to resist her charm. When Boyd and Ruby end up in the same lakeside town, their banter and flirtation quickly become a steamy fling that leaves them both breathless. Neither of them are expecting to find a romance that has them both reconsidering everything they believe about love. As their time in Cedar Point comes to an end, the two will have to decide whether they want their connection to turn into a real-world relationship, or whether wanting more is nothing but trouble.

Review: I sincerely love when an author can make me go from not really feeling a character to being absolutely in love with them. I wouldn’t say I didn’t like Boyd in the beginning, but the airplane scene didn’t really make me like him that much as a male character. I’m all about male leads that are super into the female leads, and he was so standoffish. What’s interesting though is that I think he was super into her, but he’s so stuck in his ways that he can’t get past that. This total coincidence only happens in a romance, but it was so perfect! I also really appreciate the journey these to go on and the growth they both experience together. Something I really love about Jillian Liota‘s books is that there’s always this realness to the characters that makes them so relatable. Ruby is so heavily impacted by her past experiences and Boyd is so understanding when it comes to everything she’s dealt with. He sticks around and that makes him so much more amazing as a male lead. Seriously, Boyd’s growth as a character is what won me over in this on. Ruby and Boyd come from completely different families which also impacts how they interact with each other. And when we meet Boyd Mitchell’s family, it definitely makes me wanna know all about them! I’m very excited to dive into the series and see what happens all of his siblings in Cedar Point.

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The Opposite of Falling
The Start of Someday

About Jillian Liota

Jillian Liota is a new author writing contemporary romance and new adult fiction. She lives in Kailua, Hawaii with her amazing husband, 2 cats, and 3-legged pup.  She is the author of the new adult romance novel The Keeper, which focuses on a female college soccer goalie, as well as the follow up novella, Keep Away. Her newest release, Like You Mean It, is in the contemporary romance genre and has a more mature voice, as it follows a pregnant mother finding love in a new town. The next novel in the Like You Series, Like You Want It, will be published in Spring 2019. She has a master’s in Higher Education and Student Affairs, and she is passionate about all things improvement, development and organization. She’s also a big fan of taking walks with her husband and dog Maia, reading romance (obviously), watching a handful of horrible reality TV shows, and exploring the island she calls home.  

Connect with Jillian:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Email

Not My Match by Ilsa Madden-Mills

Not my Match is Book 2 in the Game Changers Series
and available in Kindle Unlimited!


Release Date: January 19, 2021

SYNOPSIS: Homeless and heartbreakingly innocent, Giselle Riley walks into my penthouse and chaos follows. I shouldn’t have invited the girl genius to live with me, but it’s clear she needs my help—not only for a place to lay her pretty blonde head but in finding real love, which she’s not going to get with the crazy men she picks up online. Too bad she’s a twenty-four-year-old virgin and I’m a bad boy wide receiver. She’s off limits for a hardcore player like me—and we’re just friends. Instead, I’m her matchmaking service, no matter how jealous it makes me when I tag along on her dates. I can keep my self-control. Right? No way will I give in to everything inside me that dreams of a girl like her in my world. I may be the best wide receiver in the country, but how could I hold on to a girl like her?

REVIEW: I have been curious about Giselle since first meeting her during the unfortunate circumstances in book one, Not my Romeo. She’s not exactly the antagonist, but she does make a big mistake that hurts her sister Elena (the main character of book 1). It was really interesting to read Giselle’s story and learn more about her. I ended up really loving her as a character. It fascinated me how lost she was, but also how strong and smart she was. She was a bit of a contradiction, that’s for sure. Her and Devon’s interactions were entertaining, and I appreciated seeing her deal with how Devon was so on the fence about everything. Devon is a little damaged from not only his childhood, but his last relationship–which means he’s definitely my type of hero! He also handled the difficult situations fairly well, even though I wanted him to figure things out a lot faster. I really did want these two characters to find their happiness together. I’ve also really enjoyed Aiden in both books, he’s a great side character! He seems like he might have a lot more depth than how he’s comes off so far. I’m hoping we get his book! Overall, this is another Ilsa Madden-Mills book I loved and just reiterated why she is an auto-buy author for me!

Thank you to Ilsa Madden-Mills and Social Butterfly PR for the eARC in exchange for an honest review!

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Amazon: https://amzn.to/3kZF7mm
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Ilsa Madden-mills

Wall Street Journal, New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Ilsa Madden-Mills is best known for her angsty new adult romances and romantic comedies. Eight of her eleven novels have placed in the Amazon Top 10 Best-seller List: Dirty English #1; Fake Fiancée and I Dare You #2; I Bet You, Filthy English, and Very Bad Things #6; Boyfriend Bargain #8; The Last Guy, her collaboration with Tia Louise, #4.  A former high school English teacher, she adores all things Pride and Prejudice, and of course, Mr. Darcy is her ultimate hero.  She’s addicted to frothy coffee beverages, cheesy magnets, and any book featuring unicorns and sword-wielding females. Feel free to stalk her online.

Connect with Ilsa

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2nY2pxT
Instagram: http://bit.ly/35xfNfo
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Website: https://www.ilsamaddenmills.com

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Like You Want It by Jillian Liota

5 STARS!!!

Release Date: March 25, 2019

SYNOPSIS: “Sometimes, wanting someone just isn’t enough.” I don’t want to believe those words. Because I’ve never fallen for someone like Fin Callaghan. And I can’t imagine that this feeling isn’t enough.

CARLY – To say my first interaction with Fin leaves much to be desired is an understatement. He infuriates me, barely speaks, and glares at me all the time. Not to mention he thinks I’m a mess. It isn’t in my plans to start to like him. To fall for him. To want something more. But Fin’s past is filled with a pain that makes any kind of us impossible. He can’t seem to figure out what he wants, and truthfully, neither can I. All I know is that I want more than what he’s willing to give.

FIN – All I should be focusing on is my family as we try to sort through the wounds left by our past mistakes. I have more than enough on my plate, have sacrificed too much to fracture my focus. I shouldn’t allow a woman to get in the way. Especially one like Carly Palmer. She’s different. Wild. A bright burst of color in my world of black and white. Before I know it, she’s all that I want. All I can think about. But it doesn’t matter. I’ve been through betrayal that still singes my skin, eats at my soul. I won’t allow it to happen again.

Like You Want It is the second book in the 
Like You series and is a standalone novel.

REVIEW: This was a story that didn’t know I needed. This story resonated with me Down in my soul. I laughed, I cried, and I highlighted so many damn quotes. The characters we’re messy and flawed in very realistic ways, and it was such a joy to go on the journey with them as they grew through what they were going through.

Carly is one of those people you might find kind of annoying, but you also wish you could be her. Her optimism is like the sun, and she takes the time to really think about the whole picture. I love her friendship with Susie, and how Carly builds her up and supports her. Carly is really good about being selfless. Her friend Dina is hilarious and brash, and I’d love to get to know her more.

That brings me to send Fin, who I want to call something else, but don’t want to give it away. Just wait until you hear Carley’s nicknames. Fin is dark and broody and definitely flawed, but his journey of growth in the story is so fulfilling. It was so satisfying to see the different sides of him show up throughout the story. With his and Susie’s family, there are issues but there is so much love and loyalty. The family dynamics for both characters were so realistic and really added to the story.

I think what made this book really impactful, is all of the wise words throughout the story. There is an open communication portrayed in a very realistic way, where characters struggle to have it, but eventually get to it. The relationships just become so healthy, and it really is wonderful to see that depicted in a book. The positive portrayal of therapy in this book is like a breath of fresh air. The therapist has this magnificent line when someone thinks therapy isn’t going to work for them—it wasn’t therapy is good for everyone and I won’t spoil for you because it’s so good, but it just made me say, “YES, that right there, YES!”

This story has so much damn heart, and I’d definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a romance with ALL THE FEELS.

Thank you so much to Jillian Liota for the review copy in exchange for an honest review.

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Available in KU!

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Book 1: Like You Mean It

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Jillian Liota

Jillian Liota is a Southern California native currently living in Kailua, Hawaii. She is married to her best friend, has a three-legged pup with endless energy, and acts as a servant to two very temperamental cats. Jillian has authored eight novels in contemporary and new adult romance, and has had her writing praised for depth of character, strong female friendships, deliciously steamy scenes, and positive portrayal of mental health. Her second book in the Cedar Point series, The Opposite of Falling, releases October 5th. She has a master’s in Higher Education and Student Affairs, and she is passionate about all things improvement, development and organization. She’s also a big fan of taking walks with her husband, reading romance, watching a handful of horrible reality TV shows, and exploring the island she calls home. Check out her Contact page for more information on how to connect.


Second Dive by Jasmine Miller


Release Date: December 10, 2020

SYNOPSIS: Noah Winters was my heart’s desire, the boy I loved desperately and had hoped to spend my future with. Until our plans were derailed and life took us in completely different directions. When our fate changed, and our paths crossed again, nothing prepared me for the punch straight to the heart when I saw him . . . or his anger and bitterness. He was no longer the boy I once knew, but an accomplished Olympic swimmer with life goals that no longer aligned with mine. All because I lied.
But sometimes, hiding the truth was necessary, especially when it freed someone you loved to reach their aspirations and dreams. It’s said that time heals all wounds, but what I found was that it can also create an enemy. That meant I had a choice. Apologize to Noah, and possibly let him into my heart again . . . or allow him to live his life without knowing why I walked away. Without knowing that I never actually wanted to leave.

REVIEW: I’ve been enjoying this series, and it definitely has its twists and turns, but WOW, I was not ready for this one. The emotions are real and I didn’t see it coming. And when I say emotions, I mean I felt multiple scenes deep in my bones. Chloe was a wonderful female character, and so very inspirational. Noah is so rough and broody in the beginning, so seeing him open up was so fulfilling. And the chemistry between theses two was HOT. I mean, this book just gave me a spectrum of emotions and I was here for it. I would definitely recommend this series.

Thank you to Jasmin Miller for the eARC in exchange for an honest review!

$2.99 for a limited time!
US: https://amzn.to/39HSWDP
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Book 1: Secret Plunge
Book 2: Fresh Meet

Jasmin Miller

Jasmin Miller is a professional lover of books and cake (preferably together) as well as a fangirl extraordinaire. She loves to read and write about anything romantic and never misses a chance to swoon over characters. Originally from Germany, she now lives in the western US with her husband and three little humans that keep her busy day and night.

Website: https://www.jasminmiller.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jasminmillerwrites
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/jasminmillerpeeps
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JasminMiller_
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The Revenge Pact by Ilsa Madden-Mills


Release Date: December 3, 2020

SYNOPSIS: River Tate is a god on campus. The king of football. A tattooed bad boy with gunmetal eyes that see right through you. The only chink in his armor is her, the girl he pretends doesn’t exist, the forbidden one with the shy smile and lavender hair. 

Anastasia Bailey is a nobody. The queen of nothing. An outsider with the face of an angel and a body made for sin. The only chink in her armor is him, her boyfriend’s frat brother, the football player who hates her.  But when Anastasia’s life crashes down, River’s the one who sweeps in and picks up the pieces. Torn between loyalty, lies, and secrets, he battles the temptation to take everything from her when they make their revenge pact. He can’t tell her no. Because revenge (or love) is sweet, and once you get a taste, the craving never ends.

The Revenge Pact kicks off an all-new series, The Kings of Football, with an enemies to lovers standalone romance from Wall Street Journal bestselling author Ilsa Madden-Mills, coming December 3rd!

REVIEW: I honestly cannot put into words what I felt about this book, it was that amazing. I’m an avid Ilsa Madden-Mills fan, but this one absolutely blew me away. I stayed up into the morning hours on a work night to finish it (I love sleep so damn much, so this is kind of a big of a deal. haha). I was so enraptured by these characters. I needed to know how they figured it all out. I needed to see them get the HEA I knew they deserved. Seriously, I was obsessed with them. Anastasia is just her own person and I love it. I wish I could be friends with her. And then there is River. River is at the top of my ever growing book boyfriend list, that’s for sure. The depth and layers there, damn. AND let’s not forget about the chemistry *fans self* it is burning hot. I want to say so much more, but I also don’t want to spoil it for anyone. So I’m here if you want to talk all the details (seriously hit me up on Bookstagram @ireadergosum)! I sincerely hope you read this one and fall madly in love with the characters like I did!!

Thank you to Ilsa Madden- Mills and Social Butterfly PR for an eARC in exchange for an honest review!

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Amazon: https://amzn.to/32SW1MS

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Best-selling authors Ilsa Madden-Mills, Meghan Quinn and Adriana Locke, deliver three stand-alone romances about college football players finding true love while on the verge of losing everything.  

The Romantic Pact by Meghan Quinn

The Relationship Pact by Adriana Locke

About Ilsa Madden-Mills 

Wall Street Journal, New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Ilsa Madden-Mills is best known for her angsty new adult romances and romantic comedies. Eight of her eleven novels have placed in the Amazon Top 10 Best-seller List: Dirty English #1; Fake Fiancée and I Dare You #2; I Bet You, Filthy English, and Very Bad Things #6; Boyfriend Bargain #8; The Last Guy, her collaboration with Tia Louise, #4.  A former high school English teacher, she adores all things Pride and Prejudice, and of course, Mr. Darcy is her ultimate hero.  She’s addicted to frothy coffee beverages, cheesy magnets, and any book featuring unicorns and sword-wielding females. Feel free to stalk her online.

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